Engineering Expo '13

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Engineering Expo is a hands-on, head-first dive into the multifaceted world of engineering. Students in grades 6-12 will have fun exploring the possibilities of Purdue engineering and competing on teams in an engaging design challenge.

During the event, students will participate in a variety of activities. There is an activities fair during which students have the opportunity to talk with representatives from all of Purdue’s engineering schools as well as members of various engineering clubs and organizations. Students also take part in a quiz bowl event where they test their knowledge of basic engineering concepts and theories. Finally, the highlight of the day is the impromptu design competition. Students are given a problem to solve with a limited amount of time and resources. Past challenges have included activities that focus on engineering something that performs well efficiently, like building a bridge or tower that is as light and strong as possible. This year's challenge will be related to alternative energy. The challenge will help to teach prospective engineers about the design process and the importance of teamwork.

Teams scoring the highest in the quiz bowl and the impromptu competition will receive scholarship money that can be used if they decide to come to college at Purdue. In this way, Engineering Expo provides an opportunity for younger students to learn a great deal about the exciting field of engineering while at the same time providing an incentive for top performers to pursue their college degrees at Purdue.